TIP (Thoroughbred Incentive Program)


DHJSC has partnered with the Jockey Club to offer some special awards this season!!


The Jockey Club T.I.P. High Point Thoroughbred Hunter Award 

The Jockey Club T.I.P. High Point Thoroughbred Jumper Award 

The Jockey Club T.I.P. Hunter Derby 

The Jockey Club T.I.P. Thoroughbred Jumper Classic



Frequently asked questions:


What is T.I.P.?

T.I.P. stands for Thoroughbred Incentive Program.
Started by The Jockey Club to encourage the retraining of Thoroughbreds into other disciplines.

Do I need to register for something? If so how do I register?

Yes you will need a T.I.P. Number. To apply for a T.I.P. Number visit www.tjctip.com and click on “TIP Number”.

What will I need in order to register?

In order to register you will need the tattoo number of the horse or The Jockey Club papers.

Is there a fee?

T.I.P. Numbers are free and should be obtained for each horse/rider combination. They do carry over from year to year.

Will I need to show TIP proof at the shows?

Yes, print your T.I.P Number card and present it at the show for proof of eligibility.